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Brownfields Committee

Brownfields Committee Meeting Minutes

Grant Applications Pending

Brownfields Successes

Benefits of Brownfields Redevelopment

Proposed Process

Possible Funding

Brownfields Committee

The City of Sandusky has created a brownfield program to assist property owners with the environmental cleaning of their properties. The goal of the City is to redevelop brownfield sites, which are defined as properties that are abandoned, idled, or underused where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination. The intent of the redevelopment is to stimulate and promote economic and community development.

The City proposes to achieve redevelopment through cooperation with the property owner. The City can apply for different funding sources for money, which can be utilized for environmental assessments and clean up. To start the program, staff conducted a drive-by survey of the city to try to identify possible brownfield sites.

The goal of the program is to eventually obtain cleanup funds for the identified properties. To be eligible for these funds, VAP certified Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments are required. The lengths of time these assessments are valid depend on what specific grant is being applied for and the conditions of the grant including demolition, infrastructure improvements, and acquisition.

Our brownfield program was designed to address liability concerns as well as create opportunities for new development. We hope the end result will be increased property values and increased employment throughout the city. We also recognize that for this to be possible there must be a potential for success for property owners. We believe our program effectively addresses both public and private concerns.

  Committee Meeting Minutes


The City of Sandusky believes that one of the keys to revitalization is an aggressive approach to the assessment, mediation and eventual redevelopment of brownfield sites. The city is actively looking to create private/public partnerships in brownfield redevelopment.

Interested persons may contact the city to discuss possible assistance that we may provide. The city has been successful in Clean Ohio Assistance, Clean Ohio Revitalization and Environmental Protection Agency funding.

Brownfield Successes  City of Sandusky Grant Awards

Chesapeake, Old (2005) and Current (2007)

Benefits of Brownfield Redevelopment

Increases local tax bases
Facilitates job growth
Utilizes existing infrastructure
Takes development pressures off of undeveloped, open land
Improves & protects the environment

Proposed Process

Site Selection: Staff is utilizing the Sandusky Brownfield Committee as a sounding board to select sites to pursue. The Committee has an inventory of possible brownfield sites and is in the process of prioritizing those sites based off of criteria that they have proposed. Sites selected by the Committee will be pursued as well as sites that arise by interest from the property owner. Staff is proposing to focusing on four main areas from 2004 - 2009.

As the sites are selected, staff will work with the property owner to locate a company to complete a VAP certified Phase I for their property. The City will offer to pay for a small portion of this study, contingent on a copy of the study being supplied to the City. If contamination is determined to be likely, a Phase II Environmental Assessment will be conducted after the Phase I. It is the goal of the City to secure funding for Phase II studies. Finally, after a VAP certified Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessment have been completed, the City can apply for remediation funding.

Possible Funding

Assessment Demonstration Pilots and Grants: provides funding for brownfield inventories, planning, environmental assessments, and community outreach.

Brownfield Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund Pilots and Grants: provides funding to capitalize loans that are used to clean up brownfields.

Brownfields Job Training Pilots and Grants: provide environmental training for residents of brownfields communities.

Clean Ohio Assistance: funding for assessment

Clean Ohio Revitalization: funding for acquisition, demolition and remediation.

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