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Planning & Zoning



The City of Sandusky was awarded a Coastal Management Assistance Grant in 2004 to help fund the preparation of a Master Pedestrian/Bicycle Trail Plan. The Plan is to be used by the City for the sys tematic implementation of a pedestrian/bicycle trail that runs as close to the water as possible, while providing access to the water by the public.

Maximization of waterfront access
Planning tool for open space preservation
Resource for zoning review of upcoming waterfront projects
Funding vehicle
Gain public support for waterfront recreational and nature tourism
Potential economic growth for the City of Sandusky
Best trail experiences

During the planning process, the City and the consultant involved the public by taking comments and suggestions from the City Pedestrian/ Bicycle Path Committee and the Planning Commission. The City held two public hearings at Planning Commission meetings to hear citizen comments.

In general, the path will be an extension of the first phase of the path, which starts behind the City building, and will extend east to the City limits on Rt. 6 and west to Dorn Community Park on Bardshar Road. The plan shows a preferred route but also gives alternate routes where funding for the primary route or access becomes a roadblock.

The existing Phase I of the trail and the planned Phase II from Shoreline Park to the Jackson Street Pier have been funded through grants and the Metropolitan Planning Organization. Due to the City’s budget constraints, the future phases of the path are also proposed to be funded without impacting the City’s general fund.

The plan also provides preliminary cost estimates for each phase and funding opportunities that may be viable for the construction of the phases. It should be noted that the plan, although officially approved, would be a working document and that changes may be made as the City moves forward with the implementation of the path.

The Plan may be viewed or obtained from the Department of Development, 419.627.5873.

Financial assistance was provided under award NA04NOS4190052 from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce through the Ohio Coastal Management Program, administered by the Department of Natural Resources, Office of Coastal Management.

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