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Customer Accounting & Water Filtration Divisions



We hope you enjoy living in the city. So that you can be a better informed customer, we would like to let you know of some important information regarding policies and procedures of the Customer Accounting and Water Distribution Departments.

Application for Service
Backflow Preventers
Charges for Water/Sewer
Safe Drinking Water
How You Can Prevent Water Waste
Meter Tampering
Payment Options
Summertime Taste & Odor
Water Service Maintenance
Water Service Turn-On Fee


All services must be placed in the property owner’s name. The owner must complete an application card agreeing to pay all charges for furnishing service and for all water supplied and sewer services performed at the property. If property is used as a rental, the property owner has the option of receiving bill, or having the bill sent in care of occupant at the property address. We also offer the service of sending the property owner a duplicate copy of shut off notice(s) upon their request



For our residents who may be concerned about flooding in their homes during periods of heavy rainfall or runoff, it is possible to have a check valve or back water valve placed on fixtures in their home to prevent future water or sewage from entering the home. A plumbing permit is required for this installation. Certain criteria should be addressed by the City's Department
of Engineering Services prior to beginning the installation process.

If you believe this may be a solution for you, please contact the Building Division at 419.627.5940. We can provide assistance in filling out applications, a list of licensed contractors who can do work in the City, review fee schedules, and discuss possible alternatives with the property owners.



All consumers shall be monthly customers and the charges for water/sewer service shall be payable monthly.

First 100 cubic feet: minimum charge

All over 100 cubic feet: Request current rate chart

Water and sewer charges are based on metered water.

The City of Sandusky issues no credits for water or sewer due to sprinkling, filling pools, leaking toilets/faucets, etc. The only credit issued is for underground leaks.

The cost of installation, operation, and maintenance, and any and all other costs for the special metering devices installed to measure water not discharged into sewer system is a cost to the customer.


  • Clean faucet aerators monthly by soaking in a 50/50 solution of bleach and water. Observe washers for wear and replace as required.
  • Before drinking, run tap water till cold when not in use for several hours or more. This will ensure you are receiving fresh water directly from the city main. Copper and lead can leach into the home piping system when water is left standing.
  • Do not cook with hot water, use cold only. Hot water can increase the leaching of Lead and Copper from your home piping systems.
  • Do not leave garden hose pressurized for long periods of time while not in use. Vinyl and rubber hoses do react to the chlorine in the water, thereby creating taste and odors, which can backflow into the house plumbing.
  • Do not pile dirty dishes in sink and leave over night. Bacteria from decaying food and the presence of insects can enter the faucet and aerator.
  • When using add-on filtration systems, be sure to change the filter in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. When filters reach their saturation point, they can introduce into the water the very contaminants that would otherwise be trapped and filtered.


  • Check your toilets for leaks. Put a little food coloring in your toilet tank. If, without flushing, the color begins to appear in the bowl, you have a leak that should be repaired immediately.
  • Check faucets and pipes for leaks. Even the smallest drip from a worn washer can waste 20 or more gallons a day. Larger leaks can waste hundreds.
  • Stop using toilet as an ashtray or wastebasket. Every time you flush a cigarette butt, facial tissue or other small bit of trash, you waste five to seven gallons of water.
  • Take shorter showers. Every minute of the shower uses five to ten gallons of water. Installation of water-saving shower heads will help.
  • Use your automatic dishwasher and washing machine for full loads only.
  • Water your lawn only when it needs it and during the cool parts of the day.
  • When you do water, do it long enough for the moisture to soak down to the roots, where it will do the most good. A light sprinkling can evaporate quickly and tends to encourage shallow root systems.
  • Be on the lookout for unexplained water usage. Underground leaks are the most costly leaks. If you detect pools of water or soggy ground in an area that should be dry, contact the Customer Accounting Office for an inspection.
  • Don’t run the hose while washing your car.
  • Tell your children not to play with the hose or sprinklers.
  • Check for leaks in pipes, hoses, faucets and couplings. Leaks outside the house may not seem as bad as those inside because they’re not as visible, but they can be just as wasteful. Check frequently and keep them drip-free.


Water Meters are City property and maintained by authorized city personnel. There are very good reasons for this, such as preventing contamination of the water supply, meter damage, property damage and altering an official record.

An unauthorized person who disconnects a water meter could contaminate the city water supply and/or the water within the pipes serviced by the City meter. Back siphonage of contaminated water, soil and bacteria (from one’s hands) can occur when pressure fluctuates within the City water distribution system.

Meter Damage
Improper handling of the meter register could render the meter inoperable. Electronic sensors and electrical wires can become damaged, as well as connection threads and fittings. A replacement meter costs approximately $125.

Property Damage
In the event that a meter is improperly moved by an unauthorized person or accidentally broken, water could be discharged under full pressure. This can result in property damage pending the arrival of someone authorized to stop the flow of water from the City main.

Altering a Legal Record
Altering a water consumption record for the purpose of avoiding service fees is a criminal offense.

Meter tampering violates Section 939.261 of the City of Sandusky Code of Ordinances. Whoever violates this provision shall be subject to prosecution as contained in Section 939.99 of the City of Sandusky Code of Ordinances. Copies of these ordinances are available upon request.

Under EMERGENCY conditions, a licensed plumber or the property owner may turn the City meter off. EMERGENCY turn-off/on of water services is defined as one or more of the following conditions:
  • Property damage is imminent,
  • Life threatening conditions/safety of occupants is compromised,
  • Health and life support needs of occupants are affected due to special care circumstances.
Emergency justification is usually after normal City working hours, weekends and holidays. All water emergencies must be called into the 24-hour Water Hot Line at 419.627.5805.


Non-delinquent customers are able to pay their bills using any of these easy payment options - please make sure to bring bill with you when paying in person, or mail the stub portion of the bill along with payment so that we can serve you in the most efficient way:

Customer Accounting Office

Sandusky City Building

222 Meigs Street

Sandusky, Ohio 44870

We offer 24-hour depository receptacle
Office hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Electronically withheld from bank account monthly (ACH)

Credit Card - you can take advantage of this service in person only

We recommend that all delinquent customers pay directly at the Customer Accounting Office.



The water source of supply for the City of Sandusky is Lake Erie, which has its advantages and disadvantages. The City’s supply of water is not affected by drought, and the lake has very stable characteristics. However, high winds can stir-up the water and cause a muddy turbulent effect. In addition, summer warm water temperatures can cause algae blooms. Treating a breakout of algae blooms can be difficult. Although not harmful to the consumer, the taste and odor of your water during periods of algae blooms can be affected. Naturally the water is safe to drink, but may not be very appealing. The personnel at the Big Island Water Works facility are continually striving to resolve taste and odor problems that occur during warmer climates, while using proven treatments to make your drinking water appealing to the senses.


Residents occasionally have problems with their water because of leaks, low pressure or other problems. Please remember that Water Distribution employees can check for leaks, water pressure, frozen water meters, color, taste and other problems with your water. If you wish to schedule an inspection, please contact the Customer Accounting Office at 419.627.5893.

Before a water inspection, there are a few things you should do. The customer is responsible for having a functional property side shut off. During a scheduled inspection, Water Distribution employees do not touch, operate or work on any valves in the customer’s home. Also, the customer must be present for the inspection. Be sure all faucets and outside spigots are turned off prior to the inspection. We will open the meter pit and observe the test dial on the water meter for movement. If there is movement, you have a leak.

The most common type of leak is a leaking toilet. We can check for toilet leaks by using a colored dye (customers may get dye packets from the Customer Accounting Office and perform this test). After the dye is put in the tank, if colored water appears in the bowl, you have a leak. If you hear your toilet refilling at night, or you have to jiggle the handle to make it stop running after flushing, your toilet is leaking. This usually indicates a worn or deteriorated flapper.

Other leaks result from worn washers in household faucets. If your faucet is dripping at the rate of one drop per second, you can expect to waste 2,700 gallons of water per year, which will add to your water and sewer bill.

If no leaks are found, the problem could be low pressure. Galvanized pipes are the most common cause of this problem. The build-up of rust or corrosion in the pipe reduces the amount of water that can flow through the pipe, thus lowering the pressure. If low water pressure is isolated at one faucet, it may indicate a plugged aerator, which should be removed and cleaned.

When it has been determined that an underground leak does exit by a City representative, the City can provide up to a 50% water/sewer billing credit for no more than two months. This is normally the only circumstance which a credit will be issued.


Non-delinquent customers $30.00
Delinquent customers $75.00

The water service turned off shall not be turned on again until the following conditions have been complied with:

  1. An owner requests reconnection of water service;
  2. The cause, if any, of the turn-off has been corrected;
  3. The total amount of any indebtedness to Customer Accounting occasioned by water service to the premises has been paid or satisfactory payment arrangements have been made; and
  4. A turn-on charge of seventy five dollars ($75.00) has been paid for service which has been shut off pursuant to Section 939.09 or which as been otherwise improperly turned off in violation of established procedures of the City, or
  5. A turn-on charge of thirty dollars ($30.00) has been paid for service which has been properly turned off by an authorized employee or agent of the City.
Water service to a premise served shall be turned on only by an authorized employee of the Division.

The fee shall be waived if the owner has requested water to be temporarily turned off (72 hours) because of a water leak or other plumbing repairs at the premises.

No turn on fee for the initial turn on of a new water service.
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