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  1.  Beverages must be purchased at a bar or restaurant located within the DORA boundaries. Cups must be emptied or placed in a trash receptacle before patrons enter another liquor establishment. 
  2. Beverages must be consumed from special DORA cups. Consumption from other vessels would be considered an "open carry" violation subject to law enforcement.
  3.  Beverages are allowed only within DORA boundaries. 
  4. Beverages may only be carried into stores displaying a green sign indicating that DORA beverages are permitted.
  5. Outdoor consumption of alcohol is permitted only during DORA hours (9am-midnight).
  6.  All other liquor laws would still apply to liquor establishments and patrons, including overserving and drunk driving laws.
DORA Boundaries

The map below shows the DORA district. As of July 31, 2023, the new boundaries of the Downtown Sandusky DORA went into effect.
New DORA Boundary (3)

DORA Expansion Application

On June 9, 2023, the City Manager's Office submitted an application to the Sandusky City Commission for consideration of expanding the Downtown Sandusky DORA.

DORA Questions & Feedback
If you have questions or feedback about the Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area program, please share them below and a staff member will get back with you.

 Can I bring my own beverages into the DORA?
No. Patrons cannot bring their own alcoholic drinks into the DORA, and purchased drinks must remain in the designated DORA cup.
What types of alcoholic beverages can I carry in the DORA?
Beer, wine, and liquor are all allowable drinks in DORA cups. Drinks must be purchased from a participating liquor establishment.
Can I take my DORA beverage from one liquor establishment into another?
No, you cannot take a filled or partially-filled DORA cup from one participating liquor establishment into another participating liquor establishment or back into the establishment where the beverage was purchased. Used cups must be emptied or disposed of before entering a liquor establishment. 
 Can I shop with my DORA beverage?
Yes, but only if a retailer indicates that they allow DORA beverages in their store. Please check before entering.
 How will the DORA be enforced?
Sandusky Police staff will monitor the DORA area during routine patrols, and adjust visibility and enforcement as needed.
What are the responsibilities of liquor establishments participating in the DORA?
Downtown bars and restaurants are held to the same guidelines and laws to ensure the safety of their guests, check IDs, and not over-serve alcohol to patrons.