The Department of Public Works is currently facilitating the following construction work and services throughout the city. Please scroll down to the map below for further details. 

Perkins Avenue Waterline Replacement and Street Resurfacing Project - Including 52nd Street
The catalyst for this project is the old water main on Perkins Avenue and 52nd Street that average between six and ten breaks every winter. When the Erie County Engineers decided to resurface the southern half of Perkins Avenue in 2019, they said that they could not wait for the City to design and construct a new water line because City staff had made the same request in 2003 when the road was resurfaced at that time. This comment reinforced the desire, and more importantly, the need to replace this extremely poor infrastructure. As with all of the major reconstruction projects, staff also wanted to make spot improvements to drainage, turning radii, walkability, safety, drive access, and curbing.

The section of Perkins Avenue included in the project starts at Anita Avenue, which is where ODOT completed intersection improvements and water line replacement several years ago. It terminates at the Mills Creek bridge, just west of the old YMCA, for a total length of nearly two miles. The old 6-inch waterline being replaced is over eighty years old and the pavement was last resurfaced nineteen years ago (2003). We have had over seventy-five water main breaks recorded on this stretch of Perkins Avenue and the roadway is one of the most heavily travelled East-West connectors in Erie County.

Adding 52nd Street to the project is also very important since there are consistently between two and three breaks on this water main every winter; and every break on 52nd has an impact on the businesses along that block of Perkins Avenue.

In summary, this project consists of replacing the water main, fire hydrants, service lines and water meters, limited sidewalks, driveway aprons, catch basins, asphalt resurfacing, ADA ramps, and curbing. Specifics include:
  • Just under 2 miles of new 8-inch water main
  • 64 new copper water services
  • 0.8 miles of new curbing
    • There is quite a bit of curb missing at intersections and in front of the high school which causes problems for drainage and property maintenance
  • Wider turning radii at Hancock where trucks frequently drive over the curb
  • 0.8 miles of new sidewalk
    • The focus here is to improve pedestrian connectivity not just to the businesses, but also to the Sandusky High School, Churchwell Park, and Mills Street. 
  • 17 upgraded ADA curb ramps
  • Rebuilding and increasing the number of catch basins to improve drainage
  • Improving driveway and intersecting roadway access points, while providing limited access for some of the wider drive aprons
  • Resurfacing the asphalt pavement within the City’s corporation limit, as the county paved the Township’s portion in 2019.
The construction contract was awarded to Speer Brothers of Sandusky, Ohio. Construction is set to begin along the far west end of the project, near Mills Creek, late-March. Construction areas will take traffic down to one lane traveling westbound, we expect to see traffic delays during these times, so please plane your route accordingly. With the extent of underground work required prior to paving and the logistical delays on material availability, the completion date for this project has been set for December 1, 2023.

All westbound traffic will be open on Perkins Ave. However, Columbus Ave will remain shut down in order for waterline work to take place.  This closure will remain in effect until work has been completed. The City will communicate any changes to that timeline should they arise.

Hayes Avenue (SR-4) Improvements - From Orlando Pace Drive to Columbus Ave
The City has contracted with Miller Cable Company of Green Springs, OH for the Hayes Ave Improvements project. The City was successful in securing grant funding and the proposed improvements covered by the safety grant, which includes full traffic signal reconstruction at Pierce Street and the Columbus Avenue Intersections, high visibility crosswalk markings at all crosswalks, school zone flashers on Hayes Avenue, RFBS at Johnson Street and Firelands South campus, along with, pavement marking upgrades from Pierce Street to Osborne Street.

The project is expected to start within the coming month, with an estimated completion date of March, 2024. There is a long delivery time of the signal pole mast arms and equipment so you may see times when there is no work being done. Once construction is set to begin you will notice survey stakes set up throughout the right-of-way and equipment moving into place. We ask that all residents be patient throughout the construction process and use caution when traveling through the area.

The contractor is currently working on concrete replacement and restorations of the right-of-way area. 

Monroe Street Resurfacing Project - ERI-CR0504-00.49 (PID110322)
This project will provide for improvements to East Monroe Street from Decatur Street to Meigs Street and includes milling of existing pavement, resurfacing with intermediate and surface course of asphalt, full depth and partial depth base repairs, limited curb and gutter improvements, adjustments to manholes, monument boxes and water valve boxes, ADA curb ramps and pavement markings. 

The contactor has posted no parking signs the length of the project in order to do curb replacement, milling of the roadway is set to begin Wednesday, September 20th. 

Cleveland Road Waterline Replacement Project
In conjunction with and prior to the 2024 Cleveland Road Safety Improvement project, the City has contacted with Ed Burdue & Co.,LLC of Sandusky, OH to re-align the water mains intersecting at Cleveland Road and Cedar Point Drive to align with the roadway geometry for future maintenance purposes, as the existing water lines are respectively 51 to 64 years old. A construction start date has yet to be established but will be released to the public once known. The construction work in this area is expected to be done prior to the Cedar Point 2023 season or in late fall after the season has ended.

Warren Street Reconstruction Project
The segment of Warren Street from Water Street to Market Street, then again from Washington Street to East Monroe Street, totaling nearly a half mile in length will see waterline replacement, new fire hydrants, service lines and meters; adding storm sewer, curbing, driveway aprons, a sidewalk along the East side and an asphalt muti-use path on the West side tying Shoreline Park and Huron Park together and installation of new asphalt pavement.

The City’s contractors working on the Warren Street Reconstruction Project will be closing the intersection of Warren St. and E. Washington St. on Tuesday, November 28 for approximately one to two weeks in order to do storm sewer work in this area. Detour signs will be set up directing traffic to take an alternate route.

The project has been awarded to Speer Bros. of Sandusky, Ohio. Work has begun on the northern portion of the project at Water Street, with temporary lane closures using a temporary signal at the intersection. As work progresses, more information will be released to the public.

Butler Street Reconstruction Project

Crews will begin construction preparation work on Butler St. the week of Monday, October 23. The street will be closed to through traffic beginning October 23, but local two-way traffic will be maintained during that week. On Monday, October 30, Butler St. will be closed to all traffic as crews begin demolition of the existing roadway. After demolition work, the construction crews will begin asphalt paving. This project is expected to be completed in early December.
Additionally, the access road to Butler connecting to the southbound lanes of Milan Rd. will be completely closed for resurfacing work during the week of October 23.

During the closure, detour signage will be posted. Northbound Butler St. traffic will be directed over the Milan Rd. overpass to Sycamore Line to Cleveland Rd, and vice versa for southbound Butler St. traffic. 

This project has been awarded to Great Lakes Demolition Company, LLC. of Clyde, Ohio

Questions regarding City infrastructure projects can be directed to Megan Stookey, Project Manager at or 419.627.5878.