Citizen Complaint Form
The purpose of the complaint process is to protect the community, protect the department and to protect our employees. The purpose is also to identify citizen concerns and correct procedural problems if they occur.

Citizen Complaint Process and Form 

Flame Effect Permit Procedures
The Sandusky Fire Department provides a checklist to assist performers with the flame effect permit process for the City of Sandusky. 

Flame Effect Procedures

Above Ground Storage Tank Application
City residents that would like to install an above ground tank, a temporary tank or remove an above ground tank need to fill out the Above Ground Storage Tank Application. All tank installations and removals shall comply with the Ohio Fire Code and applicable NFPA Standards. The Sandusky Fire Prevention Bureau shall be notified when acceptance tests are conducted on the tank installation and any future tests. For more information contact the Sandusky Fire Prevention Bureau at 419.627.5823

Above Ground Storage Tank Application

Public Health Information (HIPPA)
The City of Sandusky's Notice of Privacy Practices and Non-Disclosure agreement for those who may be a student, guest or trainee with other members of the Sandusky Fire Department.