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Welcome to the South Side Neighborhood Plan home page. Through this neighborhood planning effort, the city will work with the community to foster growth and positive transformation across the South Side. This site serves as an informational hub for all things related to the South Side Neighborhood Plan. 

South Side Plan
We are happy to present the South Side Neighborhood Plan! This plan is the culmination of a year of conversations with South Side residents, business owners, and community leaders on the South Side. We presented the plan to the public at Sandusky Rec @ Mills on March 14th. The final version of the plan was adopted by the City Commission on May 8, 2023.

View the Executive Summary of the South Side Neighborhood Plan View the Full Document of the South Side Neighborhood Plan
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Summary of Visioning Workshop
View the video below for an overview of the concepts and ideas discussed at the South Side Visioning Workshop

Summary of Community Kick-Off Meeting and Open House

Review the meeting presentation, feedback summary, and video from our first community engagement event!

Interactive Community Map
Do you have comments about specific places around South Side? Our Community Map is an opportunity for you to provide location specific feedback about the South Side Neighborhood. Visit the map website from your computer or mobile device and be sure to leave your thoughts and comments on specific places and areas that you want to see transformed, protected, or enhanced in the South Side. 
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What is the South Side Neighborhood Plan?
This plan, collectively crafted with the community, will be the blueprint for reaching a unified vision for the future of the South Side Neighborhood. This plan will give city staff and elected officials a guidebook to help the South Side neighborhood prosper. By getting involved, we can ensure your voice is elevated in the planning process.

Plan Timeline

South Side Timeline