SFD Citizen Complaint Form

The Sandusky Fire Department is a public service organization dedicated to serving the citizens of Sandusky and preserving the integrity of our department and its employees. The integrity of our agency depends on the character and discipline of each employee. The complaint process is an integral part of maintaining that integrity and discipline and is a direct reflection of our continuing commitment to excellence. Should you need to make a complaint, be assured your concerns will be treated with respect and professionalism. The purpose of the Citizen Complaint Process is to protect the community, protect the department and to protect our employees. The purose is to also identify citizen concerns and correct procedural problems if they occur. All complaints will be forwarded to the Chief of Department or the Shift Commander (after normal business hours). The Supervisor of the affected employee will meet with the complainant and document, in writing, the nature of the complaint and attempt to resolve the concern. The citizen will complete the Citizen Complaint Form at this time. The Supervisor will then meet with the employee and document, in writing, the employee response to the complaint. The Supervisor will then forward all documentation to the Chief of Department for review and determination of classification. A determination of findings will be made and the complainant(s) and employee(s) shall be notified. Further actions, if warranted, shall be processed through the applicable laws, department policies and procedures.