Public Vendors

The City of Sandusky celebrates public vending as a business type that supports local entrepreneurship and innovation, contributes to the vibrancy of our city, and benefits the quality of life for Sandusky residents and visitors. 


Public Vendors in the City of Sandusky, whether operating on public or private property, must be issued a vendor license. The public vending license ensures the health and safety of public vendors and their customers by verifying vendors are in compliance with state and county legal and health department requirements for their trade and their operations are covered by an insurance policy.

Codified Ordinance

Public vendors are defined by, and must adhere to, Chapter 735 Public Vendors in Part Seven – Business Regulation Code of the Codified Ordinances of Sandusky, Ohio.* The ordinance was updated, effective May 25, 2022, to support this program.

Download the 2023 Public Vendor Packet and Application

Completed applications can be submitted to the Department of Community Development, 4th Floor of City Hall, 240 Columbus Ave.

Maps of Vending Locations

Map PhotoClick the image below to download the maps of the vending locations in the city.

Do I need a Sandusky Vendor License?
All vendors must hold a vendor license to operate in the city. This includes vendors who operate on private property. This does not include vendors who are operating only during a special event.
What are the requirements for obtaining a license?
Requirements on the vendor license application include:
  • Basic operator / business contact information
  • Proof of insurance
  • Valid food handlers / food service permit (if applicable)
  • Driver’s license (for motor vehicle or trailer license)

Can I operate in more than one location?
Licensed vendors may operate in any available location of their choosing on a day-to-day basis, unless the space is reserved by another vendor. A vendor may not operate in more than one location at the same time without additional license(s). See maps for available spaces.
Where am I allowed to vend?
What about special events?
Vendor program locations are not available within a special event area for the duration of the event. Special event producers may organize vendors as part of the event and local vendors are encouraged to reach out directly for information.
What should I show in my site plan?
The site plan can be a very simple diagram created electronically or by hand sketch.
Basic information: Sketch the dimensions of your vehicle and/or set up. This includes overall dimensions, distance from the front and back to the tire of vehicles (so we know about how much overhang there will be over the sidewalk), distance and location to the service window.

Reservation Requests: Include labels indicating of where you’d like to locate such as parking space edge, street labels, space number (for pier spaces)

Example Food Truck Site Plan

Example Food Truck Site Plan

Example Vendor Cart Site Plan
Vendor Cart Site Plan