Permit Applications & Fees

Impound/Tow Service FeeIf your vehicle was towed due to a parking violation, OVI, etc. (excludes car accidents) you will need to pay a $45.00 service fee at the Sandusky Police Department Lobby located at 222 Meigs Street, Sandusky, OH 44870.  
Payment Method Accepted:  Money Order ONLY
Made Payable to: City of Sandusky Police Department
Service Fee:  $45.00
Money Orders are available at financial institutions, Kroger, Drug Mart, and (available 24 Hours) at Speedway Gas Station (corner of Campbell Street and Perkins Avenue). Be sure to fill out the money order COMPLETELY. Include your name and address.
After your $45.00 service fee has been paid at the Sandusky Police Department, we will give you a receipt that you need to take to the impound lot to recover your vehicle. If you are unsure where to locate your vehicle, you can call Dispatch for more information: 419.627.5900.

T-N-T Towing  913 North Depot Street 419.626.0041
Central Automotive 1621 Central Avenue 419.621.0017
Galloway Automotive 3000 1/2 Hayes Avenue 419.625.7867
Walt's Auto Repair 1229 West Perkins Avenue 419.625.8156
Maag's Automotive 1640 Columbus Avenue 419.626.1539
Sandusky Towing 120 Gilcher Court 419.239.1322
Wilsons Towing and Recovery 349 Tiffin Avenue 419.656.6664
Foster Towing 2504 Hayes Avenue 419.621.2020
Lucky Towing 2504 Hayes Avenue 419.621.2021
Perkins Towing 2610 Old Railroad Road 419.627.2992
Kaps Towing 1229 1/2 W. Perkins Avenue 419.625.8155

Payments are accepted at the Records window Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, or call Records at 419.627.5797. Payments are accepted in the police lobby after hours by calling Dispatch at 419.627.5900. Let them know you are there to pay a tow service fee.  

Dumpster Approval/PermitResidents of the City of Sandusky, MUST request approval prior to any dumpster being delivered on a City Street. Dumpsters are not permitted in the Boulevard area (grassy area between the street and sidewalk). Approval is not required if dumpster is placed on homeowners' property in yard or driveway. There is no paper "permit" issued for a dumpster, just verbal approval over the phone. Some dumpster companies take care of calling the Police Department for you to get permission. Ask your dumpster company if they will get the approval or if you need to call yourself. All dumpsters placed in the street must have barricades placed around it. The City of Sandusky Street Department will deliver barricades free of charge when you call the Police Department to get dumpster approval. A 30-yard dumpster is the largest size permitted on the street. For more information call 419.627.5870.

Vehicle for Hire/TaxiFor more information contact Lt. Chris Denny at 419.627.5897.

Vehicle for Hire Business License Application
Vehicle for Hire Drivers' License Application  

Towing PermitFor more information call 419.627.5797.

Motor Carrier for Hire Information
Request to be Place on Towing Rotation List 

Golf Cart & Utility Vehicle InspectionResidents are to go to the Customer Accounting Office (City Hall 240 Columbus Ave., Sandusky) and pay a $25.00 fee for inspection. Bring the receipt to the Sandusky Police Department to have your golf cart/utility vehicle inspected. After inspection is complete, take the inspection form along with the bill of sale or proof of ownership to the local title office to attain a title. Then take your title to the License Bureau to receive license plates and registration. License plates must be attached to the front and rear of the golf cart/utility vehicle. (City Ordinance 17-179) For more information contact Lt. Chris Denny at 419.627.5897.

Citizen ComplaintFor more information contact Chief Jared Oliver at 419.627.5869.

Citizen Information & Complaint Form

Officer AppreciationFor more information contact Chief Jared Oliver at 419.627.5869.

Sound WaiverRefer to Chapter 519 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Sandusky
For more information contact Lt. Dawn Allen at 419.627.5798.

Application for Waiver of Noise Ordinance

Garbage/Waste Hauler RegistrationFor more information call 419.627.5797.
Commercial Waste Hauler Registration Application