Construction/Service Updates

The Department of Public Works is currently facilitating the following construction work throughout the city. Please scroll down to the map below for further details. Questions regarding City infrastructure projects can be directed to Missy Morales, Project Coordinator at 419.627.5932.

Cleveland Road Waterline Replacement Project
The City has contracted with Ed Burdue & Co., LLC of Sandusky, OH to re-align the water mains intersecting at Cleveland Road and Cedar Point Drive to align with the roadway geometry for future maintenance purposes, as the existing water lines are respectively 51 to 64 years old. The construction work in this area is expected to be done prior to the Cedar Point 2024 season.

Construction crews have initiated a waterline replacement project at the intersection of Cleveland Rd. and Cedar Point Drive. As a result, the following traffic adjustments will be in place:

  • Eastbound traffic approaching the intersection will be limited to one lane.
  • Westbound through traffic will be redirected to a single lane while passing through the intersection.
  • Southbound traffic intending to turn west will have access to only one lane.
  • Access to adjacent businesses will be maintained to the best extent possible.
Work is being done to tie in all water line services to the new truck line and make permanent roadway repairs. Traffic is restricted in some areas, so we are asking motorist to be mindful of the road signs and drive with extreme caution.

Warren Street Reconstruction Project
The segment of Warren Street from Water Street to Market Street, then again from Washington Street to East Monroe Street, totaling nearly a half mile in length will see waterline replacement, new fire hydrants, service lines and meters, adding storm sewer, curbing, driveway aprons, a sidewalk along the East side and an asphalt muti-use path on the West side tying Shoreline Park and Huron Park together and installation of new asphalt pavement. A contract has been awarded to Speer Bros. of Sandusky, Ohio.
Both the base and intermediate course of asphalt has been placed on the roadway, once weather breaks, Erie Blacktop is planning to put the final base coat down (it is anticipated for the week of May 13th).
US Route 6 (West) Urban Paving and US Route 250 Concrete Repairs
ODOT has developed a project to resurfacing US Route 6 (west) from the western corporation limit to just east of Edgewater Ave, and to complete concrete repairs along US Route 250, on Sycamore Line and Milan Road just before the bridge. A contract has been awarded to Erie Blacktop and the project is being administered by ODOT.
Beginning the week of May 13th, work zone signage will be set up as concrete and curb ramp repairs are scheduled to begin the week of May 20th. It is anticipated that the roadway milling and asphalt placement will take place the week of June 3rd. Work on the concrete repairs along US Route 250 are not planned for until the middle of June, 2024.

East Water Street Construction 
The East Water St. by replacing sections of old asphalt to accommodate extended curbs at intersections. The street will be milled for a new layer of asphalt. A 10-foot-wide asphalt path for pedestrians and cyclists will be built on the road's north side, replacing the temporary on-street section of the Sandusky Bay Pathway. New drainage features like curb inlets, catch basins, manholes, and storm sewer pipes will be added. Concrete curbs, sidewalks, bus stops, and curb replacements will also be installed. ADA-compliant curb ramps will be added, and fresh pavement markings applied. The project has been awarded to Great Lakes Demolition Company of Clyde, Ohio.
The work in this area is generally complete, with some minor items to finish up and establishing grass.

2024 Sidewalk Repair, Replacement & Grinding Project, Contract A
This year’s project will include over 4,771 square feet of residential sidewalk replacement, 80 lineal feet of sidewalk grinding and the removal of fourteen overgrown trees within the boulevard, as well as replacement of 1,772 square feet of sidewalk within Washington Park. A contract shall be awarded to The Kreimes Co. Inc., of Sandusky, Ohio, and work is expected to begin in the coming weeks. For a list of locations on this year's project, click here.
Tree removal as part of this project was completed on May 8th, we are waiting on a schedule for when concrete work will begin, we are anticipating in the next few weeks.

2024 Local Street Resurfacing
This project addresses many of the worst street sections in the City based on a variety of factors, such as: updated street survey data compiled in 2023, age of existing asphalt surface, local roads, traffic volumes, recent neighborhood and park improvements, completed or planned capital improvements, existing planning documents, Street Department employee feedback, complaints, etc. Staff has finalized the selection of 43 street segments totaling 4.1 centerline miles of streets. The project shall be awarded to Erie Blacktop of Sandusky, Ohio, once scheduling has been established more information will be provided on the website. To see the streets apart of this project, click here.
All roadways as part of this project have been milled along the outer edges, we are waiting for the weather to break for Erie Blacktop to come out and apply a fresh asphalt base. 

Meadowood Subdivision Sidewalk 
This project involves installing sidewalk in areas of the Meadow Subdivision that currently don’t have sidewalk. Various locations along East Oldgate Rd, Heritage Dr, Fallen Timber Dr and Foxborough Circle. Smith Paving and Excavating, Inc. of Norwalk, Ohio, has been awarded the project, and a schedule will be established shortly.
Sidewalk installation has been completed, now the contractor is working to establish grass in the disturbed areas. 

Underpass Rehabilitation Project at Columbus Avenue
This project involves addressing the worst areas of cracks, spalling and paint coating failing along Columbus Ave. Underpass. Since the train derailment, these deficiencies are more noticeable. Removal of the worst areas of walls and preparation for a detailed filling, leveling and coating system have been specified. Said project also replaces the remaining steel hand railing and lighting beneath the Columbus Ave underpass. Contractor intends on beginning this work in the spring of 2024 due to temperature-sensitive coatings. Furthermore, complete lighting installation is underway at the Tiffin Ave. underpass, with work ongoing through April. Schirmer Construction, LLC. of North Olmsted, Ohio, has been awarded this contract.
New lights for vehicular traffic have been installed and working under the Columbus Ave underpass. Starting Thursday, May 16th, work will begin to pressure washing the walls and placing the sealant. During this time, work is expected to continue through the weekend, with the only closure being to the sidewalk areas. New railing is planned to be installed the week of May 28th, further details to come.