The City of Sandusky and Firelands Health are pleased to announce the opening of the Adult Fitness Area at Shoreline Park. The Fitness Area was officially unveiled Friday, September 10.

“We’re excited to take a more active role in thinking outside of our walls at the hospital and focusing on the health of our community’s residents, and this is one step on that path,” says Firelands Health President & CEO Jeremy Normington-Slay. “We’re thrilled to partner with the city on these types of initiatives.”

The new Fitness Area is comprised of multiple pieces of fitness equipment including energy and strength wheels, an assisted step around, a push-up bar, and a skill trainer. It is located next to the Shoreline Park pavilion, just a short distance from the playground area.

Dick Brady, the President of the Sandusky City Commission, says, “We’re grateful to Firelands Health for their partnership in helping us make the Shoreline Park Adult Fitness Area a reality. We look forward to continuing to partner with them on ways to promote health and fitness for our residents in Sandusky.”

Firelands Health board member & downtown Sandusky resident Lee Wieber was instrumental in advocating for the creation of the fitness area. “It’s a great facility. I see people using it all the time,” says Wieber. “Thanks to Firelands Health for the financial support and thanks to the City for getting this done.”

“This adult fitness facility at Shoreline Park will be a great compliment to the nearby playground at the park that the city rebuilt a few years ago,” says City Manager Eric Wobser. “We are committed to making sure our city parks serve the needs of all Sanduskians.”