Leaf Collection Schedule 2023

Leaf Collection Guidelines:
  • Do not place leaves or yard debris in the street. This is a violation of City Ordinance 531.03 Littering.
  • Leaves must be placed within six (6) feet of the curb* by 7:00 am on the first scheduled pick-up day in your zone. This time will be strictly enforced.
    *For residents on Cedar Point Road (Chaussee), leaves must be placed on the South side of the street; leaves piled on the North (lake) side will not be collected. 
  • Pick-up is for leaves only—no sticks or other yard waste.
  • Leaves placed behind parked cars will not be collected. Property owners are encouraged to coordinate on-street parking with neighbors during their collection dates.
  • You are allowed to bag your leaves in paper bags. Leaves in plastic bags will not be collected.
Piles that fail to meet these guidelines will be marked with an X in paint. A notice will be left at the door and the address will be noted by driver.

There will be a leaf drop-off area near the Marquette Drive entrance to the City Service Center seven (7) days a week from October 23 – January 19 for those who miss their scheduled pick-up or have additional leaves for disposal. Leaves must be placed in paper bags for drop-off. 


Use the map below to search your address to find your zone

Schedule of Collection Zones & Dates*

*All dates are subject to change due to weather
Find your zone

Zone 1

November 21, 22 / December11, 12, 13
East of Meigs Street and Sycamore Line to the city limits, including the Cedar Point Chaussee

Zone 2

November 13, 14 / November 29, 30, & December 1
West of Meigs Street and Sycamore Line to Columbus Avenue from Water Street to the railroad tracks

Zone 3

November 15, 16 / December 4, 5, 6
West of Columbus Avenue to Camp Street from Sandusky Bay to the railroad tracks

Zone 4

November 17, 20 / December 7, 8
West of Camp Street, including the Venice area

Zone 5

November 22, 27, 28 / December 14, 15
South of the railroad, East of Camp Street to the city limits

Leave Your Leaves:
The Erie Soil and Water Conservation District encourages residents to leave their leaves.  Fallen leaves are a natural habitat for butterflies, salamanders, chipmunks, box turtles, toads, shrews, earthworms, and others. These organisms lay eggs in the leaves and feed on and under the leaf litter. By providing habitat, you increase the population of beneficial insects for gardening season. Mulching leaves helps aid in decomposition, restores organic matter and nutrients into your lawn (which can help regulate soil moisture), and can help reduce dandelion populations without chemicals. Consider mulching your leaves this year to save yourself time, money and help improve your yard’s ecosystem.
Contact the Erie Conservation District for more information about mulching your leaves: ErieConserves@eriecounty.oh.gov  or 419-626-5211

Leave Your Leaves - Copy