Frequently Asked Questions

EMS/Ambulance Billing
Who do I contact regarding a bill for an ambulance call?
The Sandusky Fire Department utilizes an outside billing company for ambulance/EMS call. Please contact:

Medicount Management, Inc.
10361 Spartan Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45215
General Questions
Is open burning permitted in the city?
Open Burning of unwanted materials is prohibited by the Ohio EPA as it pollutes the air and poses a potential fire hazard. Recreational fires in certain containers (chimineas, fire pits or bonfires) are permitted if burning clean, non-treated wood and must be constantly attended until extinguished. Specific regulations can be obtained by calling 419.627.5822.
Where can I obtain a birth or death certificate?
The Erie County Health Department, Division of Vital Statistics, issues birth and death certificates. They can be contacted via their website, or by calling 419.625.5623.
Where do I obtain a dog license?
The Erie County Dog Warden issues dog licenses and can be reached by calling 419.627.7607.
Where do I obtain a driver's license?
The local Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle office is located in the Sandusky Plaza at 1050 Cleveland Road. They can also be reached by calling 419.625.1983.
Does the city require a permit to purchase and/or drive a utility vehicle (UTV)?
UTV's require a permit in order to be driven in the city's corporate limits. Permits are issued by the Sandusky Police Department, and a $25 inspection fee must be paid. A valid driver's license and proof of insurance are also required. For more information call 419.627.5897.
Does the city have drug "take back" boxes?
"DETERRA" (Drug Deactivation System) Pouches are available for FREE and are are located in the lobby of the Sandusky Police Department, 222 Meigs Street. 

Dispose of your unwanted medications in 3-easy steps:  
  1. Tear Open Pouch, place unused medications inside   
  2. Fill pouch halfway w/warm water, wait 30 sec 
  3. Seal pouch, shake and dispose of in normal trash receptacle
Housing & Code Compliance
Do I have to register my rental property?
Code Compliance issues permits for transient and long-term rental properties. For more information call 419.627.5913.
How do I file eviction papers?
Eviction packets can be obtained from the Code Compliance Office. For more information, call 419.627.5913 or Fair Housing Representative Don Eager at 800.850.0467.
How do I know what zoning district my property is in?
Planning & Zoning has a searchable zoning map for properties within the city. Search for your address and then click on your parcel. This will let you know what zoning district you are located in, as well as offer a direct link to that section of the Planning & Zoning code. In the code section, you’ll find information on allowable land uses, setbacks, and more. For more information, call 419.627.5891.
Can I transient rent (short term rent, offer weekend rentals, etc.) my property?
All transient rentals in the city require a permit. Only properties within specific zoning districts are eligible. For more information about transient rental registration, call 419.627.5913. For more information about zoning districts, call 419.627.5891.
Parks & Recreation
Am I able to reserve a park shelter?
Individuals are able to make an online reservation for a park shelter. For more information, call 419.627.5895. 
Is the Mylander Pavilion available to rent?
The Mylander Pavilion at the Jackson Street Pier is available for rental. Contact call 419.627.5895 for more information. 
Can I rent palms and ferns from the Greenhouse?
Reservations for the rental of plants and ferns are available on a first come, first serve basis. Reservations can be made by completing the Palm & Ferm Rental Reservation Form or by calling 419.627.5895.
How do I sign up for trash and/or recycling services for my home or business?
The Erie County Health Department registers haulers to provide refuse and recycling services in the city's corporate limits. Individual homeowners or business managers may contract with the hauler of their choice to provide these services.
Does the city have drop-off locations for recyclables?
The city does offer one location for residents of Sandusky to drop off recycling. It is located at: 

City Service Center
1024 Cement Avenue
Sandusky, OH 44870

This location accepts paper products, cardboard, plastics, aluminum and glass. 
The Erie County Solid Waste District also offers several recycling locations and additional information on recycling common household items.
How do I dispose of items such as televisions, computers, paint, etc…?
The Erie County Solid Waste District offers information on the recycling/disposing of items including household hazardous and non-hazardous waste, electronics, organics and medical waste. 
Does the city offer a yard waste program?
The city does offer curbside yard waste collection for a small monthly fee. Current customers who have issues regarding their yard waste pick-up should contact Republic Services of Sandusky by calling 419.621.7101.
Does the city offer leaf pick-up?
Leaf pick-up normally takes place during the months of November and December. For questions about leaf pick-up, contact Public Works at 419.627.5884.
Does the city offer Christmas tree recycling?
The city offers Christmas tree collection, which typically takes place the first week of January. To participate in this free service, residents must follow these guidelines:
  • Trees must be placed on the boulevard by 7 a.m. on the scheduled pick-up day.
  • Do not place trees in the street. This is considered a violation of the city's littering ordinance - Chapter 531.03.
  • All decorative items must be removed. This includes bulbs, garland, tinsel and tree stands.
Residents may also drop-off their real tree at two locations:
  • Shelby Street Boat Launch overflow parking lot; or
  • Kiwanis Park parking lot.
Once the city’s scheduled pick-up days have ended, it is residents’ responsibility to dispose of their own trees. For questions, please contact the Department of Public Works at 419.627.5884.
Do I need a permit to place a dumpster on the street?
Homeowners must get permission from the Sandusky Police Department PRIOR to placing a dumpster on the street. A dumpster size of 20 Yard or smaller will be permitted on the street for up to 2 weeks at a time. Dumpsters are NOT permitted in the boulevard area.  For more information email the Sandusky Police Department or call 419.627.5870.

Is a permit required for door-to-door sales?
Yes. Individuals wishing to conduct door-to-door sales within the city limits of the City of Sandusky are required to have a Solicitor's Permit. Please refer to Chapter 741 - Solicitors and Sales from Vehicles. For more information contact 419.627.5846.  

Current Solicitor Licenses

Request for Application for Solicitor's License

Where can I obtain a business or vendor license?
The Erie County Auditor's office issues business or vendor licenses for fixed places of business anywhere within the Erie County limits. They can also be at 419.627.7746.
Do I need a permit to sell products or food outdoors?
A public vending permit is required to sell food, beverage or other merchandise. Contact the Planning Department at 419.627.5973 for more information. 
Do I need a permit for a garage sale?
A permit is NOT required to hold a garage sale in the City of Sandusky. 
How do I report a pothole?
Potholes can be reported by contacting our Streets & Traffic Division at 419.627.5884.
Can I get a handicapped parking spot in front of my home?
The city does have an application for residents to request a handicapped parking space in a residential neighborhood. There are specific requirements necessary to qualify. For more information, call 419.627.5829.
Where can I get a residential parking permit?
Residential parking permits are issued by the city's Planning Division.  For more information, call 419.627.5891.
How do I get a replacement tree for one that was removed by the city?
Contact our Public Works Department at 419.627.5884 to be added to our list for a replacement tree(s).
How do I have a tree removed that I believe is dead?
Contact our Public Works department at 419.627.5884 regarding dead or dying trees. Once information is received about the tree and its location, the city's Certified Arborist will provide an inspection and notify the requestor about its disposition.
Am I allowed to plant, trim, or remove trees from the tree lawn/boulevard in front of my house?
Property owners may be authorized to hire a private contractor to plant, trim or remove a tree in the right-of-way. A Tree Application (Planting, Trimming or Removal) which must be completed in order to receive this authorization. For more information call 419.627.5884

Tree Application - Planting, Trimming or Removal
How do I sign up for water/sewer service?
The city's Customer Accounting Office handles turning water on or off for its customers and can troubleshoot for water leaks. You can contact the Customer Accounting Office at 419.627.5893.
How do I sign up for electricity or gas services?
Ohio Edison, a FirstEnergy Corporation, provides electric service for city residential and commercial customers, and their Customer Service number is 1.888.544.4877

Columbia Gas of Ohio provides natural gas service for city residential and commercial customers, and their Customer Service number is 1.800.344.4077.
Does the city offer an electric aggregation program?
The City of Sandusky is an aggregator for residents and small commercial customers for the generation portion of their electric bills each month.

Dynegy Energy Services, LLC is the generation service provider, commencing on the April 2021 meter read date and through the April 2025 meter read date. 

As a member of this aggregation program, residential and small commercial rates will be $.0465/kWh.

If you have any questions or would like to opt-out of the program, please call Dynegy Energy Services, LLC, at 1.888.682.2170.
Does the city offer a natural gas aggregation program?
Constellation NewEnergy is the city’s aggregator for natural gas for the period December 2021 through November 2024. For the period of December 2021 through March 2022, the natural gas rate will be a guaranteed savings of $0.059/Ccf over Columbia Gas of Ohio. For the period of April 2022 through November 2024, the rate will be fixed at $0.590/Ccf.
City residents can take advantage of this offer by calling 1.844.539.3400.