Click here to view the entire Sandusky Neighborhood Initiative document.

The Bicentennial Vision/Strategic Plan calls for neighborhood improvements and amenities through strategically targeting investment into six neighborhoods. The first round of the initiative spans five years.

Each of the first round neighborhoods will focus on:

  • the Model Block program
  • support of an anchor project
  • neighborhood identity
  • beautification and programming and outreach

The initiative is funded with a gracious donation of $50,000 from the Randolph J. and Estelle M. Dorn Foundation for the initial plan, an annual donation from the Dorn Foundation of $60,000 per year and city funds of $60,000 annually, with an additional $120,000 of city funds for the model block program within these neighborhoods.

The selected neighborhoods for the first round of the initiative are:

  • The Cove District
  • First through Fifth Streets District
  • South of Kilbourne District
  • Garden District
  • South Side District
  • West End District